Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Frozen shoulders and other things

This is what it was like at our place this morning. Actually, it started out a LOT foggier than this, but by the time I dragged myself out of bed and went through the morning routine with the cat and 3 dogs, this is how it looked. Then the rain came, then the snow, then the wind. Thankfully all that waited until we got back up the drive after our morning mile walk to retrieve the paper.

Yesterday was a day of firsts for me. My first physio appointment. Despite a few moments of more pain than I enjoy, I'm very happy to be at physio. I spent the month of December in a lot of left arm decided that it was time to misbehave. A product of body misuse, or just general aging? I don't know. The doctor didn't know either and after a couple of xrays and a cortisone injection, he decided that physio was the answer. So last week, the physiotherapist spent 15 minutes with me and decided the doctor had misdiagnosed...she told me I have a "frozen shoulder". She was surprised that I hadn't heard the term before and went on to explain it to me. Of course, I googled it when I got home and couldn't believe what I read! The descriptions fit me to a T. (what does that expression mean anyway?) I am currently at the "frozen stage"...thankfully. Because I think if I was still at the "painful stage", I would be a basket case. So, now it's physio twice a week for me. And 1 hour of arm exercises daily.

However, being in the frozen stage is a little frustrating. Being restricted in my arm mobility affects me in ways I usually take for granted. I can't raise my arm to wash the left side of my head. I can't tuck the left side of my shirt into my pants with my left arm. I can't push or pull with any strength. Yadda, yadda, yadda. Aging is so much fun.

My second first yesterday was attending my first photo club meeting. This was a big thing for me because I went by myself, and drove in the dark by myself, and had to introduce myself to a group of people I had never met before. I really hadn't thought about it before, but since we moved here 8 months ago I have been attached to John pretty much 24 hours a day. Time to step out of the comfort zone.

Anyway, I will leave you for the day on a bright note. Here is a sunrise from last week at our place. I haven't edited the colours, or used a filter. This is the way it was. And isn't it spectacular?


aliceinparis said...

I love seeing pictures:) Gorgeous sunset.
I have had both shoulders "frozen" not at the same time of course lol. My mom has had it and my brother. I think it must be something in out build.
Physio worked for me and I did the exercises faithfully. I still do them on and off just to stave off another episode.
Cheers Shelagh

Christine said...

I have never heard of a frozen shoulder either!
Good for you, going out on your own and attending the photo group. A great way to meet new people in your area that have the same interests.
I think we forget how comfortable we get within our comfort zone!

Jennifer said...

That sunrise was AMAZING. I wish I had a view like that.

I'm so sorry about your shoulder. I hope the therapy does the trick.

And I'm so proud of you for going to that photo club meeting. I laughed when I read "I went by myself, and drove in the dark by myself, and had to introduce myself to a group of people I had never met before." Those are EXACTLY the things keeping me in this darn house.

You inspire me!

Angelique said...

I'm sorry to hear about your shoulder. I really hope the therapy does some good!