Sunday, January 11, 2009

Eye Candy for House Junkies

Yesterday was a glorious sunny day, although cold and windy. We headed out on the Lighthouse Route towards Lunenburg. Our planned destination was Blue Rocks and Stonehurst East since we had not yet visited there in winter. When we reached Rose Bay John asked if I wanted to turn right down a road we hadn't been on before. One of my New Year's promises to myself (resolution being too strong a word) is to say "yes" more often so my answer was "yes!". And we turned right. I was immediately enchanted by the homes and drive along the shore. Then I realized we were heading towards Hirtle's Beach, a place that had been recommended to us many times since our move to Nova Scotia.We stopped to take a couple of photos. Even on a cold and windy day, I love the sound of the waves crashing on the shore. The boardwalk leads to Hirtle's Beach, which in turn leads to the Gaff Point Hiking Trail. According to the sign posted, the hike is a 6.5 km round trip. We'll be back on another day to walk the beach and hike the trail....something I am really looking forward to!If you look to the left while standing on the boardwalk, there is a ridge of homes/summer homes. Doesn't this home look lonely? But I bet their view is absolutely stunning. After leaving Hirtle's Beach, we took a tour through the neighbouring roads.

I have a confession to make...I am a house junkie. I love, LOVE looking at houses. I actually feel on top of the world touring around looking at all the different house styles and imagining what it would be like to live in that home, in that location. It's not that I don't love living in my own home. I am happiest when I get back home to our animals and our views and our "stuff". But. I am hooked on looking. Imagining. Dreaming. If any of you are house junkies, here are some photos for you of the Kingsburg area. First, a scenic view of the area:Here is a summer home all boarded up. Even the boards they use to cover the windows are colourful and look nice.
Down the lane towards "Hell's Point", there were many more homes.Here's a unique one:And I love the front door on this cottage:Imagine sitting on the deck of this home. What a stunning view!Here's a more modest home...still likely worth about $1/2 million.

Maybe if I won the lottery, I could have a summer home like one of these. Since I don't buy lottery tickets, however, I think my chances are slim. But it's nice to dream a little.


HayfootStrawfoot said...

I must say, I came upon your blog quite by accident. I'm very new to this site and have been browsing using the 'next blog' link at the top of the page. However much to my dismay only 1 per dozen blogs it gave me was in English! Imagine my delight when it gave me yours AND to note that we live in the same province!!
Ok.. that said, I would like to compliment you on your amazing photography talent. I've lived in Nova Scotia most of my life, yet you're showing me a part of it in photos that I've never encountered before! Not to mention you've aroused in me the need to get out and see this beautiful land around me, no matter the season or weather. For that, I would like to say thank you!

Jennifer said...

Okay, I need you to knock on all of those doors, pretend to be a writer / photographer for some house and design magazine and take photos of the inside of those houses! I'm sure they wouldn't mind, right?
Oh, my to be independently wealthy!
Thanks for the photo tour.

martha brown said...

I love Hirtles Beach -- one of my favourite beaches in NS!

Anonymous said...

That's neat, casual browsing and I stumble upon your great photos.
Especially as I designed the house with the "Stunning view"

Peter Knowles