Monday, January 26, 2009

Bald Eagles #2

I mentioned in yesterday's post that we went to Sheffield Mills on Saturday to their 18th annual Eagle Watch event. (by the way, if you're in the area this event runs for the next two weekends as well. But if you want the pancake breakfast at the community centre, you'll have to go on Jan 31st or Feb 1st).

I have gone through all my photos and was a little disappointed in the quality...all of them were blurry. Not at all like my great puffin picture taking experience in Newfoundland, which you can read about here. It was difficult to count, but we thought there must be 50 or 60 when we were there. This area of Nova Scotia has one of the biggest bald eagle populations in Eastern North America. Here is a juvenile with some males in the background:Some male posturing: Pretty blurry, but I like the wing action in this photo:We were amazed that a crow would be this brazen. I guess he's not worried about getting eaten when there are dead chickens laying around. The crow waited for some leftovers and grabbed chicken whenever he could.Here is an eagle flying off with his meal.And some fine dining (notice the crow waiting in the background):Yum!And lastly, just a magnificent specimen. They look so fierce!I'd like to return next year. It was such a privilege to see these majestic birds.


Jennifer said...

I like the blur in the photo with the two eagles in flight. You get a real idea of the chaos, power, noise that must have been going on as you were shooting.

aliceinparis said...

great pics! I am going to try for next weekend.

Kerin said...

This is incredible!!! What an amazing experience to see these magnificent birds in this way. Thanks so much for sharing this.

I'm in awe.

Word Weaver Art said...