Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A whirlwind weekend

Our 18 day streak of visitors started with a busy weekend. Saturday we headed down the road to the big city to participate in a special church service for Miss M and a few dozen other little folk. Then back to G and DILs place to meet up with John's daughter A, grandson Sir J, and SIL2B (son in law to be). They arrived at midnight the night before but the airline lost all their luggage so they didn't make it from the airport until 2:30am. I guess they deserved a little extra sleep time!

John and I stole the 2 grandchildren and headed back home. Their parents spent the day together touring around (and heading back to the airport to pick up the awol luggage). A lovely afternoon for us with the grandkids...exploring outside and playing inside...followed by a great (and rather late) family dinner.Sunday was a wonderful family day. We started with a late (of course!) brunch compliments of John. Then we all headed out (6 adults, 2 children, and 3 dogs) to find ourselves a Christmas tree. Not so hard to do when your neighbour has a Christmas tree farm and tells us to pick any tree we'd like.
me, G, DIL, Miss M, A, Sir J, John, SIL2b

We got the tree back to the house, into the house, and decorated. Gifts were exchanged, which led to a crib tournament. And another great family dinner crowded around the table.

Monday was for touring, and back to the big city for supper at G and DILs. Lots of family portraits taken.
me, Sir J, John, Miss M

Our weekend guests headed back to Ontario early this morning. In a couple of hours, we're headed to the airport to pick up Cody. The rest of the week will be much quieter, with just Cody visiting. Can't wait to see him!


aliceinparis said...

What a lovely busy Christmassy time you are having:)

Jennifer said...

Makes me miss Christmas with my grandparents...

Angelique said...

awwwwe, what a cute photo!!