Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Old Hair

Conversation from last weekend:

Me to Sir J (age 3): "How is Spencer doing?" (inquiring about his pug Spencer, who is 13)
Sir J: "Spencer is good." pause "He has old hair."
Me: "Old hair? What is old hair?"
Sir J: thinking. Smiles "Old hair is grey."
Me: "Who else has old hair?"
Sir J: looks at me. BIG smile. "Bama has old hair" (Bama is me)
Me: (thinking...well, he's honest anyway!) "Who else has old hair?"
Sir J: "Baba!" (Baba is John)
Me: "You're right!"

Sir J is pictured wearing a Thomas the Train fleece created by WezzerJoy.

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Jennifer said...

What a handsome boy!