Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas is coming - Part 2

Tuesday I was inspired to create some more Search Me toys, as a result of a couple of sales on the Etsy site. So instead of getting ready for 3 weeks of house guests, I was sewing (and subsequently using a seam ripper when I sewed up a bag...filled it with pellets...forgot to put the miniatures in...and sewed it shut!) Here is the Zoo Crew fleece pouch, which you can find here And the Let's Play Ball Search Me pouch, which you can find hereI made two other pouches as well, but haven't uploaded them onto the Etsy site yet. Being on dial up access makes uploading photo files an exercise in frustration.

Then, on Tuesday night I was finally inspired to paint a portrait of of my Christmas gifts for Cody. I based my painting on this photo:Not to worry...Cody doesn't read this blog so no Christmas surprises will be ruined. Here is the finished painting:I photographed it on a yellow wall, so the painting doesn't stand out from the background but you get the idea. Here is some detail:I was quite happy with the result. His chin is a little wonky, but not bad for a first attempt. Hope Cody likes it!
Yesterday, we were off on a little road trip to see Miss M's Christmas pageant. We were at the back of the room, so not good for photo taking.I'm sure all the parents and grandparents in the audience would agree that it was a fabulous concert. Lots of cute kids and great Christmas songs.
Tomorrow our first batch of house guests arrives. We'll see Sir J (our grandson) and his fellow travellers on Saturday. On Tuesday, Cody arrives!

Almost forgot...on Monday I posted some photos of all our snow. It's all gone now! On Tuesday, the temperature climbed 20 degrees (about 40 degrees Farenheit) and it rained like crazy. So we are once again back to a green landscape.

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Jennifer said...

I LOVE the painting of the kitty!

Are you sure you're old enough to be a grandmother?

I can't believe all that snow is gone.