Thursday, December 18, 2008


John just about blew it today. He started talking about the Phantom painting with Cody in the room. (which is a Christmas gift for Cody). Secrets are pretty hard to keep around here. I think we recovered nicely.With 4 animals in the house, why did I choose the cat to paint? This is why.Cody and Phantom 1993.Cody and Phantom 2008. Welcome home Cody. We're all happy you're here.


aliceinparis said...

Phantom is a cutie:) So is Cody:))

Jennifer said...

That may be the sweetest photo I've ever seen. Cody will love his gift.

(My goodness - how old is Phantom?)

Anonymous said...

We sure are glad to have Cody home too!
DIL and Miss M. (and G too.)

Angelique said...

that is about the sweetest photo! And the painting is so great.