Sunday, November 16, 2008

Well, blow me down

Today was supposed to be mild, with light showers in the afternoon. So we decided that we'd put up some Christmas lights while the weather was good. Usually it's very, very cold and not a fun thing to do.

It was very, very mild this morning. I let John sleep in, and took the dogs for the paper myself. It was so mild that I didn't even need a jacket (practically unheard of in November in Canada). But the wind was amazingly strong. It was so windy that the wind in the trees sounded like waves crashing on the shore. I got the dogs inside and went to let the guinea hens out for the day. I thought we'd pop the hens back in their coop early in the afternoon so we could take the dogs out with us when we strung the lights.

Once back inside, the rain came. Someone misinformed the weatherman, because we did not have light showers in the afternoon. We had heavy rains and winds all day.How windy was it? Well, it was so windy that when I looked outside I saw a guinea hen get blown off his feet and swept across the driveway like a tumbleweed. I decided I better get the hens in their coop early, but it wasn't because we'd be stringing any lights!The good news is that I got lots of Christmassy things done today, so I'm well ahead of schedule this year. I'll be able to relax in December and enjoy all our company. Our shopping is done, and I'm very happy to say that almost all our gifts are handmade....either by me, or by someone else. John and I are tired of all the commercialism around Christmas, and are trying to keep things simple. Every year I sew up some fabric gift bags, and I managed to do a few this afternoon. All our gifts are wrapped in their fabric bags, and stocking stuffers for 9 people are wrapped and tagged. Phew!

Now...I'm off to peel and cook some pumpkins. I'll be freezing the cooked pumpkin for some home made pumpkin soup when our guests are here in December. lights up yet, but lots accomplished. Maybe we'll continue our tradition of putting up the lights in frigid temperatures.


julia said...

When it comes to christmas lights, any excuse is good enough for me. For example 'the dog ate the electricity' is exceptionally plausible.
Congratulations on the gifts, I'm duly impressed.
As for the pumpkin soup: Try pumpkin soup with some coconut milk, cinnamon, cardamon and maybe some coraiander seeds. And if you dare, add some chilli. It's delicious. My favorite soup.

Gifted Typist said...

I noticed your headline on infomonkey. It sounds very Yorkshire. That's the only place I've ever head that said