Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Snowed In & Out Again

So we survived our first snow storm in Nova Scotia. Well, we have made it through several snowstorms in the past when we lived in Ontario and visited Nova Scotia a couple of times each year. But this is the first snow storm when we've actually lived here.

We spent Saturday snowed in. And the guinea hens stayed in the trees until Sunday afternoon. I don't think they liked the snow on their feet. They aren't good flyers, so it's impossible for them to fly from a tree into the coop. They flap down to the ground and then hop into the coop. On Sunday afternoon, they were finally hungry enough to fly over to the coop to see me. A lot of coaxing and teasing them with the food pan finally got them all into the coop...one by one. Our farmer neighbours tell us to keep them in the coop until spring. There isn't a window in our coop, so I have visions of blinded guineas emerging from their dark coop into the light of spring. Another farmer neighbour tells us that "most folk don't pay no mind to them". But of course, we are silly city folk and worry about our poor guineas.

Sunday our farmer friend came to plow our 1/2 mile driveway, so we were snow bound no longer. (and it was definitely easier to walk to get the paper on a plowed drive!). Our road was also plowed on Sunday.

Monday things were back to normal. My camera was finally ready to be picked up, so we went into town and then took a drive to Liverpool. Shortly after we arrived in Nova Scotia, we had lunch at a little place in Liverpool and had chocolate peanut butter pie for dessert. I've been dreaming about that pie ever since. Imagine my disappointment when they didn't have any yesterday! Thursday is "pie day" at the restaurant. And...they have no idea what kind of pie will be offered each week. And...no idea when they'll have chocolate peanut butter pie again. Sigh.

But, all was not lost. We stopped by Beach Meadows Beach on the way back home. Who goes to the beach in the winter? We do!And these people do too... We met Heidi (a husky/corgi mix) and Molly (a lab/jack russell mix) and their two women and had a nice long chat with them. Next time we'll bring our girls along. It's a great beach and I know they'd love to run it.

But this is my favourite photo from the day...Our shadows on the beach.
Today's photo project was taking a family portrait with the idea that maybe, just maybe I'll get out some Christmas cards this year. Every year we take a family portrait outside (including the 3 dogs and cat). Sadly, I haven't sent Christmas cards for many, many years. This year I intend to get back on track. More on the family photo session tomorrow.


Jennifer said...

I would worry about my hens too. I've been told that I pay too much attention to my animals. Better than the opposite, right?
Chocolate peanut butter pie? Coax the recipe for that out of the owner and share with me! One of my favorite combinations of all time.
The beach looks lovely in winter. And I love the photo of your shadows. Jon and I took a photo like that on our honeymoon. I need to find that...

Anonymous said...

Cool shadow pic!

Word Weaver Art said...

"most folk don't pay no mind to them"
Ha ha... I can just hear him... We all have"that neighbor" no matter where we live!