Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Roadblock ahead

Yesterday started out beautifully. See this photo? Not a cloud in the sky.We have one apple tree that has decided to keep its apples. These apples aren't good for eating. Not even the deer seem to want the apples that fall on the ground. I snapped these photos after going for our morning walk with the dogs to get the paper (down our 1/2 mile drive and back).
Things can change pretty quickly around here. We were enjoying our morning coffee while reading the paper and suddenly it got so dark we had to turn the light on. And the rain came pouring down (well, actually it was getting blown in sideways). And one half hour later we were back to blue skies.
One unfortunate thing about taking photos yesterday was that I discovered that there is still a spot on my camera (and hence a spot on all the photos I take). Despite the fact that we have had the camera in two times in the past couple of weeks. Despite the fact that we paid $50 to have the camera cleaned and have been told everything is fine. So...off I go again to the camera store. The two "experts" were not in, so I had the worker bee look through the lens to make sure he could see the spot himself, so that he could tell the experts what still needed fixing.
So...again...I am without a camera. This is not a big deal to some people, but it is to me. In my graduating year book from high school, we had to write our "famous last words". My words..."I wish I had my camera here". Not much has changed in 30 years. (Yikes, has it been that long?)
Since it seems that I'm on a whining rant. Here's another little problem I have. I mentioned the other day that all our Christmas gifts are hand made. Well, one gift involved several days at the computer to put together a book. After many, many days of trying it seems that my book cannot be uploaded to be published. Our computer can't do it since we're on dial up access. We tried to do it at DIL's, but kept getting error messages. I had an "Aha" moment the other day and signed myself up for a library card so I could have access to the high speed computers at the library. (side note: I forgot how much I love libraries) But.
I can't get the photo book uploaded at the library either. In order to upload the files, the program needs to be downloaded onto the computer. You can't download programs to the library computers.
I headed back to my car with tears in my eyes. I so wanted to give this gift. I have 11 more days to try to figure it out, and then it will be too late to make the company's cut off date for Christmas delivery.
And now that I'm done whining, maybe it's time for some wine of a different sort. And tomorrow will be a different day. Maybe I'll get my camera back. And maybe I'll figure out how to create this gift. There's always hope, right?

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Jennifer said...

Did the wind blow some of the last apples loose?
Is there any way I can help with the photo book?