Friday, November 7, 2008


One of the jokes around here is about cooking. I take a lot of ribbing about cooking. It's not that I don't cook well. It's just that I don't cook often. When we were trying to sell our former home in Ontario, one of the comments we heard from the viewings was "the kitchen was tired". The home was 15 years old, and the kitchen was original, and it was not a high end kitchen to begin with.

One of the wonderful features of our new home is the gourmet kitchen. I love it. I promised John that he would enjoy many, many gourmet meals from the new gourmet kitchen. We've been here six months (6 months! where does the time go?) and he's still waiting for his gourmet meals. John calls me a "Modified Farm Woman". (farm women are supposed to put dinner on the table while their men are out working the farm. I'm modified because I don't follow the country rules) What can I say? John is a good cook, and I kind of like having my meals made for me. But look what I have now...New pots!I have never had a set of pots. John came home with these yesterday and I am thrilled! A twelve piece set of stainless steel pots....made in Canada. (almost impossible to find anything not made in China these days. I don't know whether I was happier about getting my new pots or happier about the fact that they were made in Prince Edward Island). So, ahem, I think that means I'm supposed to get on with those gourmet meals now. No more excuses. Stay tuned.

The two side tables are finished. They are completely different styles, but I like them and I like the way they look in our living room.The photos are a little blurry. Both tables were bought an auctions for a steal.Today: I'll be working on a Christmas gift for most of the day.
Tomorrow: We're off to Halifax. John will be going to a college football game with G and Miss M. I'll be hitting a craft show with DIL and two of her friends. A girl's day out...I'm very excited!

Have a great weekend!

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julia said...

Have a wonderful craft show girl day.
And about those pots and pans and the gourmet kitchen: If you need help, let me know. I've been handling a diner for a year now (it's a wildernes diner with bears coming to eat, to be precise) and know many a trick.
Jamie Oliver (just google him) would be a good internet address for easy to cook and stunning recipes. Really. He's brilliant.