Monday, November 3, 2008

a little help from a friend

After struggling to strip the former finish off a couple of auction purchases, I have now progressed to the priming and painting stage. I would have liked to strip the pieces completely and stain them. But...I'm going with repainting the pieces. Why? Because I don't have enough patience to strip them properly. Reminder to self: do not purchase any furniture that needs refinishing in the future.

I was going to paint the tables in my "studio", which is the second floor of our shed. But it's getting a little nippy out there so I moved everything inside to our laundry room (we don't have a basement).Phantom decided to join me.It's always nice to have some company. But he's a bit of a slacker.


Angelique said...

how cute is Phantom! My husband just refinished our coffee table, and it was A LOT of work. I sure hope he isn't ready to pack up his tools.

Jennifer said...

There's nothing like picking pet hair off of freshly painted furniture!