Thursday, November 20, 2008

Memory keeping

I have been sorting through some old photographs while undertaking a special little project. Isn't this photo sweet? I have no idea who the children are, and that's a little sad. These photos are someone else's memories. The sad thing is that our memories fade, and along with that the knowledge fades too. These children were captured in a moment that was special to them, and special to the person who took the photograph. But without the details, later generations are left to wonder just who they were.

Are we any better off in the digital age? I'm not sure that we are. Unless we take the time to record the details, now our photos only have numbers. Our computers tell us when the photo was taken, which helps. But when our technology changes, those details may be lost too.

Photos have always been important to me. Maybe because my memory has always been bad (no, it's not just an age thing). Photos help me remember. I love looking at the details in the photos...the pictures on the walls, the clothes people are wearing, and looking at old hair styles just can't be beat for a bit of humour.

I've put together some photo projects over the years for gifts. One of my favourite gifts was a poster we gave to Cody when he was 19. The poster had over 350 photos of his life with us and with his dad. We had it mounted on a board, and he tells me it's one of his favourite all time gifts.
Somewhere, I have a photo of the actual poster. Somewhere. Maybe once I organize my photos I'll find it!

Do you have any photo project ideas? I'd love to hear about them.

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