Thursday, November 27, 2008

Family Photo Day

Tuesday was our "Family Photo Day". Every Christmas season we take a photo of the family outside. The thought behind it being that we'll make Christmas cards using one of the photos. Well, we've taken the photos over the last 7 years or so, but never managed to make or send Christmas cards. We usually try to pick a day after it snows, but sometimes nature doesn't cooperate. Good thing we went out on Tuesday, because today there is no snow on the ground!

So, how do you organize 2 people, 3 dogs and 1 cat for a photo shoot?First, you pick the spot.John came up with the idea of the apple tree location, and I think it was a great idea. My original idea was to trek us all out to the field, with our house in the background. But the apple tree was a great inspiration.Once you pick the location, you trek all the animals out (dressed up with their Christmas scarves). We kept Cassie on the leash since she is the least likely to come when she's called.
First, we get John in place, then it's his job to round up the animals while I set up the tripod, camera and remote.I snap a quick photo of John with the crew, and then go join them.I keep clicking the remote as John tries to get the dogs lined up, and pointed in the right direction.After taking about 20 photos (surely one of them is suitable!), we let the dogs run and pack up the cat.Pack up the cat? Yes, we carried him down to the apple tree in a sports bag!Now the only thing to do is pick our favourite photo.Then I crop it a bit.And add our Christmas wishes.Voila! It's done. (I'm showing you a very low resolution file here) I printed a copy of the photo at the Superstore. Now, maybe maybe maybe I'll get some cards ordered and we'll send out some cards this year!


Christine said...

Great picture! It looks like Cassie wants to eat the cat! :)

julia said...

I wonder for whom it was more of an adventure, you or the animals.
... Maybe the cat ?

Angelique said...

LOVE the picture. I remember last years family photo, I never did get one. hehe. :-)
(oh - but I did get a cute card of a lab with a santa hat.)