Thursday, November 6, 2008

a big win

On Tuesday, America's big day, we headed to Lunenburg. We bottled some wine, had a wonderful lunch, and then headed back home. We took the scenic route back, and took a little side trip on a road we hadn't yet travelled. The sun was low in the sky and cast a wonderful glow on everything. I wish I could have captured it better, but I'll keep trying.
We spent Tuesday night glued to the television, like millions of people around the world. We're very happy with the results. I think Americans have given hope back to themselves...and to the rest of the world.


Jennifer said...

Oh, I love both of those photos. Again, I'm kicking myself for passing on that trip in September...

BTW, where did you find the Obama picture on your sidebar? I love it.

Sara said...

Hi Jennifer,
I saved the Obama picture from another blog (with the blogger's permission). She couldn't remember where she got it from. Feel free to save it and use it.