Thursday, October 30, 2008

Veggie Gardens on the way

What do you do for excitement? Today we had a truckload of dirt delivered (well, not a whole truck...only "4 yards") and we spent an hour or so filling up our six garden boxes. These will be our veggie gardens next year. Not too exciting for us (at least not until next year when they are full of growing things) but the dogs were thrilled. You can see Cassie running full tilt, and that's Cinder with her head in one of the boxes. She likes to eat the compost. Yum. Mulligan is off digging a hole...thankfully not digging in the garden boxes.
The next step will be to put wood chips down between and around the boxes to pretty things up a bit (really to keep the grass mowing job a little easier)

Tomorrow? I might be digging in another spot for a flower garden to use up the leftover dirt (if I'm not too sore from today's shovelling) or...maybe a nice long walk on the beach instead.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

My dogs would go crazy! Eating until they were sick and digging until they were exhausted!
Can't wait to see the boxes in full bloom next summer.