Friday, October 24, 2008

The comedy of colour

This was our sunset 3 nights ago. Amazing.

I painted our kitchen yesterday. I thought I'd share a couple of conversations...

Wednesday night:
Sara: I'm looking forward to painting our living room someday, but it won't be this year. The brown really gets me down.
John: Brown? The living room is brown?
Sara: Well, what colour would you say it is?
John: I don't know. Tan maybe, or taupe.
Sara: Tan is brown. Anyway, it's going to stay the colour it is for a while. But I'm going to paint the kitchen tomorrow.
John: You don't like the yellow?
Sara: Yellow? It's green. I'm going to paint it yellow.
John: no response. (I think he figured it was a no win conversation and would be better off to keep quiet)

Sara: John, I want you to come and take a look at the kitchen before I finish it off. I'd like to prove to you the difference in colours. (pointing to old and new colours) The old colour is green. The new colour is yellow.
John: Yellow? Looks like brown to me.
Sara: Brown? That's not brown. It's a golden yellow. Sigh.

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Angelique said... it!!! I think my husband and your husband should go bowling. {I'm still laughing}