Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Never a dull moment

Yesterday was a touring day...showing our guests from Alberta some of our favourite spots close to home. This morning started out with a beautiful walk to get the paper. I was alone with the 2 dogs this morning since John had to wait for the electrician to call (a little problem with some dimmer switches they installed for us a couple of weeks ago).

What a beautiful walk! The trees are turning amazing colours, and the ferns that line the drive are a deep golden yellow. The driveway is covered in fragrant pine needles. It's so silent, all you can hear are your feet crunching on the gravel and the crows and jays cawing. Every few minutes a squirrel will chatter at us and tease the dogs, who are never quite quick enough to capture the squirrels when they give chase. The smell of the forest is unique at this time of year. What a great way to start the day!We keep the dogs on leash when we go down the driveway, but when we return to the apple trees we let them run free. This morning I let them off and walked to the house while they explored the woods surrounding the original farm lane. Then I saw one of the large birch trees shaking back and forth and heard crackling sounds. What was happening? A huge porcupine scrambling up the tree to get away from the dogs. Thank goodness the porcupine got out of the way or we would have had a couple of noses filled with needles. I yelled for John, we rounded up the dogs, and then John started making some phone calls to find someone to help us deal with the porcupine.Poor big old 'pine was just minding his own business and then we came along. The locals all tell us to get rid of the "pines" when we see them. Our nearby neighbours are all away right now, so John called a farmer just down the way that we had met earlier in the spring. He and his wife came over just as we were waving goodbye to our guests, who were headed off to Cape Breton for a couple of days.So the 'pine got shot and the farmer and his wife stayed for coffee. I'm thinking to myself, how weird is this? The advice from the farmer... "gotta get a gun". How many times have we heard that piece of advice since we arrived? I've lost count. Aside from poor porky's demise, it was a lovely morning visit with our country neighbours. Once they left, I gathered up porky with a shovel, loaded him in a box, and used a hand truck to move him to the far reaches of our acreage, with my apologies to him for his early demise. Hopefully the scavengers will have a nice meal before our dogs get near there.

Just another day at the farm for us city-country folks. Never a dull moment.

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