Thursday, October 9, 2008

10 days with visitors

Today we took our visitors (John's brother and SIL from Alberta) to the airport after a 10 day visit. I think (hope) everyone had a good time visiting and touring. They spent their first two days touring the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton in my little red bug. (while we were busy with porcupines and neighbours here at the farm). When they returned, we did lots of day tours with them.

Friday we took them to some spots I've blogged about before. I didn't take my camera with me since these are our favourite local spots, and we've been there many, many times. We stopped in Petite Riviere at The Maritime Painted Saltbox Gallery. Then over to Risser's Beach for a walk along the beach and boardwalk. A quick drive over to our favourite walking beach....Crescent Beach. And then a stop at the LaHave Bakery for a late lunch. A great barbequed dinner by John and a relaxing evening.
Saturday we toured Mahone Bay, which was hosting their annual Scarecrow Festival. There were scarecrows everywhere. (I'll post more photos from the Festival in the next couple of days)

John and his brother waiting patiently while "the girls" shopped

We headed back home and were joined by John's son G, DIL, and our granddaughter Miss M for a family dinner.( a little side note: I haven't shown any photos of the inside of our house before. We have an open concept main floor. This photo shows the dining room side (obviously!) The kitchen goes off to the right and I was standing in the living area to take the photo. The 3 paintings shown are all watercolours and were painted by my mom about 65 years ago.)

Sunday was my favourite day of the 10 day stretch. G, DIL, and Miss M stayed overnight on Saturday and Sunday was just a great family day at home. Here are some photos of our afternoon walk on our property.Even the guinea hens joined in! Can you see them in these two photos (above & below)?"The knuckleheads" as John calls them (the hens, not the relatives)This rock pile runs through the centre of our divides the two large hay fields in half. About one hundred years ago, these rocks were all picked off the fields and dragged here, as well as to make some stone fences down the side and back of our property.We grew some pumpkins for Miss M this summer. Here we are picking them for her to take home and use for Hallowe'en decorating.Monday we got back to touring and headed up to the Fundy coast. We stopped at Annapolis Royal for some walking and a fantastic lunch, and then headed over to Digby.

Tuesday the "boys" and "girls" went their seperate ways for lunching and visiting. And our last day together was spent touring Lunenburg. You might have read my blog post about tall ship chasing just a while back. Well, one of the ships we took photos of was the Bluenose II. When we were in Lunenburg yesterday we got to watch them tow the Bluenose II to it's winter home (no more tours this year).This photo was taken as the crew was preparing the ship to be towed. They just moved it a little farther down the harbour, and we watched while eating fish and chips at a restaurant overlooking the harbour. We toured Blue Rocks after lunch and then headed back home for a fantastic farewell bbq.

A great 10 days! I've probably left out lots of things, but that's what happens when I wait a week to blog. The next few days will be quiet around here. Thanksgiving weekend will be just the 2 of us (and our motley crew of pets)

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