Monday, September 8, 2008

What a weekend

Pictured above is the window art I completed recently...without grout. I decided to leave it alone...I thought adding grout might spoil it somehow. Instead of hanging it in a tree like our other windows, I decided that our screened in porch was the place to hang it. I love the way the sun hits it in the late afternoon. The rocker was purchased at an auction a month or so ago. The rusty bucket was one of a big batch of rusty buckets that I bought at a huge farm auction in Ontario last year. Rusty buckets? Yes, for some reason I really like them. I think the lot that I bought had about 15 buckets of various sizes, some with lids and cost me a grand total of $5. I kept the ones I liked, and sent the rest to a different auctioneer before we moved where someone paid $10 for EACH bucket. I love never know what's going to happen.
Here's another shot from inside our screened in porch. The guinea hens by the car have the full attention of Mulligan (left) and Cassie. Unfortunately, the hens are not afraid of the dogs at all. And the dogs are obsessed with the hens. We now keep the dogs chained when the hens are out. But that didn't stop disaster from striking on Friday. The hens got a little too close, Mulligan lunged, and one of the smaller hens kicked the bucket (with some help from Mulligan). So, our guinea hen flock has dropped from 9 to 8. And I now know that keeping the dogs chained isn't going to keep them from snagging a hen!

On Saturday we spent the day at a horseshoe tournament. A couple we met just after we moved to Nova Scotia invited us. We arrived at 10 am, started playing pretty much right away, and didn't finish playing until 4 pm. We drew for teams, so I didn't get to play with John. I've never played before, which was a bit of a worry for me. But, my partner was very tolerant of my rather interesting throws. (I considered it a successful throw if I managed to get the shoe in the pit). I hit a string of outdoor lights once, then someone decided that the string of lights should be raised! And I made it an interesting game for the people on the pits to each side of us too. Watch your toes folks, you never know where my throws will go! So, my partner and I only one 2 games of the 11 games we played. But it was all in fun, thank goodness. Needless to say, I was totally exhausted on Saturday night.

On Sunday, the tail end of tropical storm Hanna hit our area. It was pretty much a non event around here. We had some heavy rain and winds for an hour or so. We decided to head to Crescent Beach to see what was happening down there.I was surprised at how many other people were there watching too. Almost all of us stayed on the rocks by the parking lot,but there was one brave soul who walked the beach barefoot with his dog. (the two specks in the photo below)How would you like to live in this cottage? The waves were crashing against the rocks. A bigger storm would have sent the water right up to the cottage.Today we are heading into town to complete a mile long to do list. And tonight? Tonight I'm going on a date with my hubby...out for dinner and then on to The Shore Club for a wine sampling (25 Nova Scotia and international wines) and silent art auction featuring the art by an artist we met a month or so ago...Joe Fitzpatrick...and his students. Money raised will go to the Terry Fox Foundation. A date with my husband, wine and art....sounds wonderful to me!

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Christine said...

It sounds like you are being very active. Never a dull moment around there! And you can't blame Mulligan, it's their nature to do that. It's too bad that the hens don't fear them for their own safety.
And the window artwork is beautiful!
P.S. My horseshoe throwing isn't too hot either. I once threw it over a fence and almost hit a car!!