Friday, September 12, 2008

These boots were made for...

I mentioned the other day that one of my prized possessions is my rubber boots (hence the blog header with my boots). Why? Well, they take me everywhere around our home...the garden, the coop, etc. They're easy to slide on and off and I don't have to worry about what I'm stepping in. Well move over rubber boots because you have competition.
Aren't they sexy?
Steel toes and water I can go anywhere. Yesterday John and I "walked the line". Our property was fully surveyed years ago and the trees along the property line were notched and sprayed blue. The spray was fading so we decided to redo it. One can of spray took us half way around the property. My boots were need to worry about the barbed wire lying on the ground from old fences, no need to worry about walking over the large stone fences around our property lines, no worries at all. My new best friends.
So, to Julia at Lineanongrata I're not the only lady with a big set of boots!
I must thank Julia for giving me the "I love your blog" award.I have given up reading a lot of blogs since we moved to Nova Scotia. We're back to dial up internet access which makes everything tediously slow. But Julia's blog is one that's still on my daily list, so if she hadn't already received this award I'd give it right back to her. I'm supposed to name 7 blogs to pass the award on, but many of the blogs I was reading are no longer posting...moving on to other adventures I guess.
Speaking of adventures...I'm not sure what today will bring. We have to get more paint before finishing our survey line....something I'm anxious to do, so maybe we'll take "the girls" on a car ride today for more blue paint. Instead of painting the town red, we'll paint the trees blue. Woohoo.
Have a great weekend.


Angelique said...

HI! I love the boats! I'm sooo sorry it's been so long since I've left a comment. I have been keeping up with you and have really been enjoying reading about your adventures since your move. I've been in hiding trying to structure my business and school also started. I thought I was going to be back to the blogging world, but it hasn't worked out. argh! I'm learning that I'm not as good at multi-tasking that I thought I was. Of course it could be that my plate is overflowing. :-)

julia said...

Oh, they're wonderfully beautiful. Are you getting used to them ? Because I have taken on a somewhot hopping step that avoids my boots slurping over the ground and making ugly noises, or banging against things (they're too large to control properly but they don't make them smaller in that size (thinner is what I'd need, not smaller in length).
And thank you for the blog compliment. It warms a cold morning for me.... That must make you laugh. It's South of France cold, not Canada cold...