Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tall Ships

You've probably heard of ambulance chasers and storm chasers, but you probably haven't heard about tall ship chasers...that's us. After our trip to the cranberry farm on Sunday afternoon we headed back to Lunenburg to take some photos of the Bluenose II that had been in port when we passed through the harbour earlier in the day. As we approached Lunenburg, John noticed that the ship had set sail. We debated momentarily about what to do, and then set off down the coastal roads chasing the ship to try to capture it on film. We pulled over to the side of the road at the crest of a hill where two other couples had already stopped.We were in fact chasing the Pride of Baltimore II, shown here with only one of it's sails up. One of the couples had been on the ship the day before and gave us some information about it. It turns out that the couple we were talking to just moved to Lunenburg 5 months before from Ontario (two days before our move to Nova Scotia from Ontario). They have just opened up a Bed & Breakfast in Lunenburg.

Here is an interesting photo of the Bluenose II (in full sail), the Pride of Baltimore II, and a smaller sailboat passing through.And can you see the puff of smoke in this photo?The Pride of Baltimore II fired their cannon to salute the Bluenose II.

I was on top of the world on Sunday afternoon! What a great place to live.

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