Friday, September 26, 2008

Simple dreams

John has been busy this week pruning some of our apple trees. We have 4 huge old trees on the right side of our driveway as you approach our home. (we have about 25 more big old trees spread throughout the property). According to our 78 year old neighbour, these glorious trees are at least 100 years old. It's time someone took care of them, so John has been busy taking off all the dead limbs...not an easy job as these trees are more than 30 feet high.

And I got to thinking...wouldn't it be great for our granddaughter Miss M to have a swing to swing on? So I mentioned it to John and he took some time out from his pruning and made a swing yesterday.I really did want this swing for Miss M. Truly that was my intention. But after I cleared away the dead branches (hence the gardening gloves and my trusty rubber boots) I had to try out the swing.Just a quick check to make sure it worked, you understand.And it made me so happy, it actually brought tears to my eyes (I kid you not).I have the best husband. His name doesn't fall under "handy man" in the dictionary. But he makes a fine swing. I'm sure Miss M will love the swing. But she may have a tough time getting her Bama's butt off the swing so she can have a turn.


Angelique said...

I LOVE the swing. It would have brought a tear to my eye too.

Jennifer said...

Hey Hey! Thanks for visiting me again! Um, I would love a swing like that and that apple tree is enormous!