Friday, September 5, 2008

Search Me update

Seems we're back to summer after just a taste of fall. Yesterday was absolutely beautiful, so after a morning of chores we took 2 of the dogs and headed to Crescent Beach. We walked the full length of the beach, which was a glorious 1 1/2 hours of walking in the sunshine and wind. While we were walking, I thought about a photo project for next year. I think we'll try to visit the beach once a week, and I'll document the changes throughout the seasons. That means we'll have some cold days there! If I stick to my plan, my first photos will be on New Year's Day. We'll see what happens.

I have been busy the last couple of days getting back on track with my Search Me toys. Here is a sneak peak...I haven't done any sewing since before we moved (April) although I did some work throughout the summer preparing for packaging the Search Me pouches. I ordered some patches with the logo and website to sew on the outside of the pouches. I ordered some "bag toppers" to put on the top of the packaging. I'll use these to print the "Search Me" contents for each type of bag. I've come up with several themes for the bags, and each theme has different search items. I had a lot of fun finding lots of miniatures for the bags...harder than it sounds! And, finally I came up with a standard size for the bags. I started filling them with rice (which I thought was good since it was environmentally friendly) but I have switched to using plastic pellets. I was told by a couple of moms that it would be much better if they could clean the pouches with a damp cloth (something they couldn't do when they were filled with rice). So, it comes down to sewing the bags and listing them for sale on etsy. Since we're on dial up internet service, this is a lot more time consuming than I'd like.

I'll feature some of the new Search Me bags in the coming days. (a couple of Hallowe'en bags will be available too) Oh, and I should mention that the bags I made earlier in the year while I was experimenting are all on sale at less than half price.

You can find everything in my Search Me etsy shop here:

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TD wool design said...

haven't been here in awhile. i'm chasing time always! love your new header too! thanks for the post. hope you have a good weekend.