Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A quick little tour

Last week we headed to Lunenburg to bottle some wine. Since the day was so beautiful, we carried on to Blue Rocks and Stonehurst. We had been to both places a couple of months ago when it was foggy. At that time, the area reminded us of Newfoundland (most of our Nfld trip last year was shrouded by fog). It looked quite different in the bright sunshine. I loved the colour of this fishing stage:The little villages are so picturesque, but I'm not sure I'd like to live in one.What a difference a day makes. Here's a comparison of a stage outside of Blue Rocks, where earlier this season we met an artist painting the site.And the same location (slightly different angle) last week:Of course, I love the sunshine but there's something about a foggy day (and photo) that's very intriguing. And...I couldn't resist adding a little bit of Nova Scotia colour!

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julia said...

It looks incredibly beautiful (three comments I posted, three times I used the word beautiful). Just like I would imagine for Nova Scotia. Is it getting cold ?
It also looks like what I had imagined to find in Sweden. That must be the red houses.