Monday, September 29, 2008

an apple a day

Or how about several thousand apples? These are apples from the four large apple trees we have along our driveway...I think they are 4 different kinds of apples, but have no idea what they are. I did a little tour by some of our other apple trees and found what I think are 2 more different types. We had the tail end of hurricane Kyle come through here last the time he reached our place he was just a storm. Hundreds of apples were blown off the trees. Thankfully we didn't lose any shingles with this storm (something that has happened twice in the last 7 months). But we did have 6 trees come down across the driveway. It might be time for us to buy our own chain saw.
It was a great weekend. DIL and I went auctioning on Saturday and won lots of treasures. We had all our purchases lined up behind the CRV and a couple of men questioned whether we'd be able to get everything into the car. Who says women don't have packing abilities? DIL is an expert! (mind you, she had to sit with a table in her lap on the way home) John and G and Miss M went to an evening football game, and DIL and I had an amazing dinner in Lunenburg. What a treat!

Sunday was spent chainsawing dead trees and doing some touch ups to my auction purchases. Photo of my newly acquired whirligig coming soon! (must have been seeing all those whirligigs in Shelburne that inspired my purchase) A great family day.

Today: we're off to the airport in Halifax to pick up John's brother and sister-in-law from Alberta who will be visiting for 10 days. They've never been to Nova Scotia, so it will be lots of fun showing them around.

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Angelique said...

I've always wanted an apple tree.
Glad the hurricane was only a storm when it reached you.