Thursday, August 21, 2008

This and that

I'm going to intersperse this post with some photos of our tree/window art in the sunshine. (a previous post showed the windows, but it was a rather gloomy day).Tuesday was a great day. We spent the morning in Bridgewater doing lots of errands, then decided that a lunch out was in order. We set off towards Green Bay, and discovered a great vegetable market just outside of Bridgewater in Hebbville. We picked up humungous zucchinis for the dogs (we feed them a natural diet) and a dozen freshly picked corn for us.Then onwards to Green Bay for fish and chips at MacLeod's Canteen. Yum. It was good. After lunch we went to Risser's Beach for a long walk. It was quite windy, but a lovely sunny day. Back home to a feast of bbq'd corn and lots of Olympic viewing.Last night we headed to the cottage of one of our new American friends for dinner. We met some very nice people from Maryland and had a good pot luck dinner on the deck...overlooking the ocean bay...while watching the most beautiful sunset we've seen in a long time.

But despite imagining what life would be like if we lived oceanside, I really do love our little piece of farm heaven. I thought you might like a guinea hen update (after posting about nothing else for weeks with the first batch of hens, the second batch has been sadly neglected).
The coop is currently divided with chicken wire until the second batch of keets gets big enough to cope with the larger hens. The age difference between the 2 batches is six weeks. Quite a difference in size! I'm happy to report that we haven't lost any keets from the second batch...still 3 out of 4 hens from our first batch (we lost one keet when it was 3 days old), and 6 out of 6 keets are thriving in the 2nd batch. The only predators we seem to have to worry about (so far) are our own dogs! Mulligan and Cassie are desperate to get down to the coop (Cinder doesn't seem interested), and Mulligan has tried to tear open the ramp door when the hens were locked inside.
This afternoon we are off adventuring with the dogs. Who knows what we'll find?


Julie Scales said...

I found your blog while looking up info on guineas. I'm a new guinea mom! Currently have 6 two week old keets! I'm going to try your cardboard/kennel trick. They are outgrowing the brooder box I have them in now but can still slip thru the kennel walls. Great idea!
Anyway, I had to write because I read in your blog that you have American neighbors from Maryland. It wouldn't happen to be Mike Parker and his wife, Mary would it? Small world if so! WOW! Would love to hear back from you if this is so...
Julie Scales

Word Weaver Art said...

I've always imagined having some guineas some day. I'm wondering, what was your reason for having them? They don't lay eggs like chickens do they? You don't eat them do you? They're supposed to keep the tick and other insect population down, right? Is it just for fun?