Friday, August 1, 2008

Lunching in LaHave

One of our favourite places to go is Crescent Beach. We love to walk the beach in any type of weather. Between Bridgewater and Crescent Beach is another Nova Scotia treasure...LaHave Bakery.Listed in "Where to Eat in Canada" for each of the past 9 years, LaHave Bakery is worth a stop.You may have to be patient to get your treats but it's worth it. The menu is rather limited...sandwiches, pizza (not your run of the mill pizza slices) or soup. We usually pick up a sandwich (thick slices of home made bread, lettuce, tomato, cheese, real meat (not the packaged sliced meat), and maybe even some radical rhubarb relish.The bakery also offers lots of cookies and squares. And as you can see on the shelves, lots of jams, jellies and spreads. The building is an old one with lots of character. Love those original tin ceilings!There's a lunch counter and lots of tables (indoors and out). Here's our favourite spot to eat...Right at the end of the wharf. And what a view (well, you wouldn't get John in your view, but insert your favourite person instead)

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