Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy endings

I mentioned on Saturday that we had a something trapped in the stove pipe running to our wood stove. We couldn't get it free because the damper doesn't open up with a big hole. There didn't seem to be any way for us to get access to the something to help it free. It struggled all day Saturday, which was terrible to hear. Saturday night it stopped and we thought maybe it had died. But Sunday morning we woke up to hear more desperate scrabbling sounds coming from the stove pipe. Ugh.
But this story has a happy ending. John took the flashlight to have one more look at the damper. It just didn't make sense that there wasn't a large opening. He flashed the light around the interior of the stove and to his surprise a bird was in the upper corner of the stove looking back at him. Somehow the bird managed to find his way from the stove pipe to the stove (we still haven't been able to discover exactly how)
So we put a towel over the bird, and I wrapped my hands around both sides of him (a little difficult to do since the bird was trying to make himself as small as possible). John had removed the screen from the nearest living room window, so once I got hold of the bird I carried him over to the window and released him.

I'm happy to report he flew away with no problems at all! Yay. I love happy endings.

Do you love poppies as much as I do? These poppies are from SeedBallz, courtesy of DIL (what is a DIL you ask? Daughter in law). I am happy to report that our SeedBallz worked great. We have pink poppies, yellow poppies, strange looking 4 petal poppies, and my favourite...red poppies. The only problem is that I placed my SeedBallz in amongst our wildflower garden and they are mixed in with lots of other things. They look nice, but I would have been smarter to place them on their own somewhere so they'd stand out more.

You can make your own seed balls with other kinds of seeds too. Here is a link to how to make your own seed balls. Looks like a fun project.


Anonymous said...

We're glad the bird is free and safe. Homemade seed balls sound fun. Maybe we can make some as a group activity? Your poppies look beautiful! Mine did not survive-the deer seem to love poppies! Oh well, I hope they are nutritious for them : ) Looking forward to seeing you both on the weekend.
Love, DIL xo

Sarah S. said...

It looks beautiful there where you live! Cool story about the bird. I love happy endings too :)