Monday, August 25, 2008

Blueberry Adventures

Last Thursday we headed out with the dogs for a drive, and discovered the Lunenburg County Winery. (well, we actually went looking for it to see what it was all about and didn't get too lost trying to find it!)
They have something like 12 varieties of wine available at the liquor stores, but approximately 25 at their winery. The wines are made from 100% Nova Scotia fruits. Their best selling wine is blueberry wine. They also make kiwi wine (not the New Zealand type kiwis...Nova Scotia has their own kind of kiwi...smaller and smoother skinned). Here are the resident dogs:
And, if you're not into wine, you can pick your own blueberries. They have fields and fields of blueberries. You can go where you want, and the scenery is lovely.
We didn't go blueberry picking that day (no dogs allowed out of the cars and it was too hot to leave them behind) but we did pick up some wine to try out.
I'm happy to report their blueberry wine is delicious (and their best seller for the past 12 years).

On Sunday, we did actually go blueberry picking at a different spot. We met G, DIL, and Miss M in Centreville (about 1 1/2 hours away from home) and went picking at a huge blueberry farm. (and I mean huge!)They actually bus you to the fields to go picking and you're assigned your own bushes to pick from. Here's a photo of everyone hard at work. It's a requirement to eat as many as you pick. (you must show a blue tongue when you get back on the bus)Here's our little crew getting ready to leave after picking our fill:And a group shot of all of us with our pickings (John is not in the photo, but you can see his shadow so we'll are there!)
And now we get to eat blueberries to our heart's content!

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