Friday, August 29, 2008


We've been busy the past few days with friends visiting from Ontario. We were so happy they made the trip, and it has been wonderful showing them some of our favourite parts of the South Shore. One of the things I love about this area is the wonderful colours in the summertime. Hope you enjoy these photos I captured from our last couple of days of touring.The photos shown here are from Lunenburg and Mahone Bay, both very popular tourist destinations.
On Wednesday, we headed out exploring. First, we stopped at a gift shop in Petite Riviere. (more on that over at Nova Scotia Treasures soon.)Then we headed over to Risser's Beach. Unfortunately it was overcast and raining. Or maybe I should say fortunately....because we had the whole beach to ourselves! Our visitors are nature lovers and liked walking on the beach just as much as we did. We walked the length of the beach and boardwalks and then headed back to the car. A quick drive (really, less than 5 minutes) took us to Crescent Beach. We drove the length of the beach (yes, cars are allowed on the beach) and then headed to LaHave Bakery for lunch. We've been to the Bakery many, many times but we've never been up to the 3rd floor. Some people we met last week told us about Homegrown Skateboards, so we thought we'd pop up to the 3rd floor to take a look. The owner and designer was there. I loved his work space...high ceilings, open spaces, and wooden plank floors. His skateboard designs are all originals and one of a kinds. I know we'll be taking our son Cody there when he comes to visit. After lunch, we took the cable ferry across the LaHave River and headed to Lunenburg. Lots of touring and photo taking, and I finally found a lined fleece jacket to replace the one that Cassie chewed the sleeve out of on a car trip we took with her just after we adopted her last year. At the end of the day, we headed back home for a wonderful bbq'd salmon dinner (as always, courtesy of John's wonderful cooking skills).
Thursday, we spent the morning touring our own property. Then we headed to Mahone Bay for some shopping. Onwards to for the girls and beer drinking at a pub on the bay for the boys. We joined the men and had a lovely dinner on the deck waterside. This is the life!
Our visitors left this morning, so it's back to life as usual for us. Looking forward to our weekend family visitors...DIL and Miss M. The big event for our farm life this's time to let the smaller 6 keets out into the wild. No more lounging around the coop and waiting to be fed for them!

P.S. I must mention here that we came close to losing our 3 big guineas on Tuesday. Our guests arrived late afternoon on Tuesday, and the guinea hens came up to the car park to greet them. The dogs saw the hens from the house and burst through the screen door. Mulligan tore after the hens, the hens went flying, I went running, and Mulligan just about had fowl for dinner. What a welcome for our friends! I'm happy to say, the hens were smart enough to get out of reach, and are happy and healthy still.

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julia said...

Your photos make me want to go to Canada.
... if ever I come, I'll say hello and I'll want a greeting like the one your visitors had... running dogs and flying chicks, please. Just for ambiance's sake.