Monday, August 18, 2008

Bird Rescue #2 & Mushroom update

So...I've already told you about our adventures last weekend...when we rescued a bird who decided to visit our chimney and wood stove. On Friday we had another bird escapade.

We have a few feeders in the yard. The one shown below is filled with sunflower seeds. I was puttering in the garden while John was BBQ'ing and I heard a strange flapping sound. There was a bird hanging upside down with his leg caught in the joint of the feeder stand (where the red arrow is pointing). I rushed to get my gardening gloves and carefully put my hands around his wings to stop his flapping, then lifted him up and out of his wedged position. He flew away happily. I'm hoping there was no damage to his foot.

While I was busy doing this, John ran for the camera. He was too late to get a shot of the bird, but managed to take a photo of me imitating the bird with his leg caught.Ha ha. Never a dull moment around here.

Here's a little mushroom update on our driveway mushroom reported in an earlier post. (it turns out we have many many mushrooms growing on our 1/2 mile drive, but this is the biggest and most interesting to us). Here it is in all it's glory. A little less red now, but fully opened. Still pretty cool looking. (and for those of you who asked...yes, I was laying on the gravel to snap this photo)

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