Tuesday, August 5, 2008

90 days

90 days ago was our first night in our new Nova Scotia home. Some days it feels like we don't get much done around here, but thinking back over 90 days makes me realize just how much we have accomplished.
Unpacked, unwrapped, and found a new home for 11,000 pounds of stuff (all in the first week!)
Repaired a lamp broken in the move.
Sourced a new base for our hand blown glass floor lamp and had it shipped from Ontario.
Found a doctor (a near impossible task in small town NS)
Found 2 sources of raw meat for our dogs.
Walked 80 miles to get the morning paper (I figure we missed about 10 days, and it's a mile walk each day)
Dogs porcupined 7 times
Four trips to the vet (annual visit, Mulligan's cut paw, and 2 porcupine quill removal visits)
Painted the upstairs hallway
Painted the spare room/tv room
Sourced a new ride on mower and have created a "lawn" (the previous owners had the house sitting in a hayfield with no mown grass around the house)
Attended 4 auctions
Found 3 spectacular beaches
Purchased a crabapple tree, and 3 shrubs (1 forsythia, 2 burning bush)
Created 4 gardens
Created a flag stone walkway to the screened in porch (was previously gravel)
Built a coop for the guinea hens
Raised 3 keets now living in the coop
Currently raising 6 more keets
Fixed the deficiencies listed by the home inspector (caulked the windows, caulked around the tub and sinks, installed a dehumidifyer in the crawl space)
Trimmed branches growing in the 1/2 mile driveway
Created a stained glass window (pictures coming soon)
Survived tick season (glass jar with 100s of ticks to prove it...yay, the ticks are gone for this year)
Attended 3 horse pulls
Met a bunch of new people (and even ran into 4 people we knew at the South Shore exhibition)
Discovered the world's best chocolate peanut butter pie
Completed the screening on the screened in porch (the eaves)
Repaired the 2 doors on the screened in porch
Repaired the shingles on the shed
Upcoming plans:
Build a deck
Trim the apple trees
Figure out how to use the wood stove
Stack the wood we ordered
Paint the kitchen
Host 2 batches of guests for 2 1/2 weeks
Move the 6 keets to the coop
Pick thousands of apples (and make ??)

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Christine said...

Wow, have you taken any time to sleep? lol
It sounds like heaven there.