Friday, July 25, 2008

Story time

Time for a little story that has nothing to do with keets, or guinea hens, or learning to live in the country.

This story takes us back about 15 years or so, when my son was 5 or 6. (yes, he is 21 now...yikes!) My sister introduced Cody and me to the world of auctions. She and one of her girlfriends took us to a country auction near London, Ontario. There wasn't much there to interest a six year old boy, but Cody did spot some glass paperweights. His eyes grew wide and he was in love.There were 5 glass balls at the auction. He never asked for them. But he kept going to look at them. It was obvious to the three of us that he wanted one. And I knew I had to make my first bid at an auction.We waited. And waited. And finally they came up for bidding. But the auctioneer put all the glass balls in one lot instead of selling them seperately. There was a dealer there who bought them all for a price that I couldn't pay.

And Cody cried.

I approached the dealer to see if he'd sell me one of the balls, but he wouldn't. I was crushed because Cody was so very disappointed. My sister spent the next 10 years buying glass balls for Cody every time she found one at a garage sale. He has quite the collection, which I seemed to inherit when he left home to live in the big city of Toronto.And you know something funny? A while back we talked about this memory of mine and the reason his aunt always bought him glass balls. He doesn't even remember the auction. But every since that day, I have had a love of things made of glass.

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