Friday, July 18, 2008

Nice Surprises

On Tuesday, John surprised me by whisking me off on a little adventure. Our first stop was the LaHave Bakery. The LaHave Bakery is set in a wonderful old building with tons of character. They also have great sandwiches and cookies and squares. We ordered our sandwiches to go. And we went to one of our favourite spots...Crescent Beach. It was a bright sunny (and hot) day at home, and at the bakery. But once we arrived at the beach it was cool and very, very foggy. Despite the fog (or maybe because of it?) we had a wonderful picnic. John had packed some wine and wine glasses in the car without me knowing.The sandwiches were chicken with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and "radical rhubarb relish". Yum!
After our picnic, we walked the full length of the beach....4.5 kilometers to the end and back.
A wonderful outing!


beebee mod said...

He is so sweet! Lucky girl!

julia said...

That sounds wonderful and mondane, to have wineglasses on the beach.