Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fun at the auction

Last weekend was a busy one for auctions and silent ones too. On Saturday, we spent five hours at an estate auction at the Oakhill Fire Hall. I love auctions and always find it interesting to see what people will bid. Some of the strangest things go for the strangest prices. I tend to like old crocks and bottles, enamelware and boxes. On Saturday I had my eye on an old Boston rocker that had been painted a robin's egg blue. I bid on some crocks and bottles, and some glass floats, but was outbid on everything. But I held in there for "my" rocker. Of course, it was one of the last items to come up for bidding. But I won! (and think I got a bargain too). It has a new home in our screened-in porch and it's perfect.

After the auction we headed over to Lunenburg's Wet Paint Sale. Every year, the Lunenburg Art Gallery hosts this event (formerly called Paint Sea On Site). Artists paint on site on Saturday and Sunday, and they hold a silent auction of the paintings on both days at the Lunenburg Fire Hall. Each piece of art has a "take away" price that's good until 3:30. Anything not purchased for the take away price remains for silent auction until 4:30. We went back on Sunday and I won this little gem... "Garden Chair" painted by Anne Fraser. I have looked for information about Anne on line, but I can't find a web site for her and I don't know anything about her. But I love this painting. That chair is just waiting for me to sit in.

While I was busy at the silent auction (which was packed full of locals and tourists too) John was waiting outside with the dogs. John, being John, of course got to talking to people and met one of the artists from the event. They talked for over an hour and an invitation was issued for us to drop in sometime at his home. He lives near one of our favourite beaches, which we going to today so we may just drop by and say hello to our new American friend.

Today: pick up lunch at LaHave Bakery, off to the beach, possibly rake up some seaweed to use for garden compost, a long walk on the beach, and maybe visit some new friends. Yay for life in Nova Scotia!

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Word Weaver Art said...

Auctions really are the best because... you... just...never... know...
I have an auction in my 4th grade classroom about every 6 weeks. It's where the kids spend the star dollars (like responsibility tickets, behavior slips, etc.) on my old junk... sorry... I mean on my former treasures. Ha ha ha... it is so funny to watch what they'll spend their hard earned "dollars" for. And they learn little strategies to win their bids. Fun!