Saturday, July 12, 2008


Wednesday: Mulligan
Friday: Cassie
This is the porcupine Mulligan messed with...pictured on the ground under a shrub.
Would someone please tell our porcupines to stay in the trees? Would someone please tell my dogs that porcupines do not make good friends? Maybe we should have listened to our 80 year old neighbour who told us to get a gun..."you want to shoot them things. You don't want them around".

Instead of sleeping peacefully in my bed, last night at midnight I was holding our 4 year old Giant Schnauzer/Poodle Cassie (muzzled and blindfolded) while John pulled out more than 15 quills from her nose. Cassie was yelping, I was crying, and John was cursing. How did you spend your Friday night?

We couldn't remove them all, so yet another trip to the vet was made to have the remaining 7 quills removed. The vets aren't complaining. Two trips in 4 days at $150 a pop.

Yep. I love country living.


julia said...

...see ? Exactly what I told you: It's getting better by the day.
Sorry. I'm sorry and imagine it's horribly unnerving. Maybe you could capture them and sell them as needle cushions ?

Natalie said...

Oh my!! I thought I had it bad taking out 7 quills and it was a baby porcupine. I live in the burbs though so it can happen to anyone. Maybe you should trap it and relocate it??

carrie said...

Oh no! That's terrible! I hope everyone recovers quickly. I'm such a wimp, I've been stressed out by ground hogs and stray cats. A neighbor told me to get a gun too. But I live in the suburbs so that's just crazy. I hate to say it, but maybe a little target practice is in order. Could trapping work? It seems like you'd catch all sorts of things.
best wishes:)

beebee mod said...

Oh my....