Thursday, June 5, 2008

Variety is the spice of life

I won't lie to you. Since we moved, I've had a few days that I feel sorry for myself. What was I thinking? How did I think I could move so far away from what I was used to? How did I think I could cope in the country?

But...then I have many more days when I know we did the right thing. Yes, we moved far away from everything we knew, but we're off on an exciting adventure. We have family close by and love being around. We have access to some of Canada's most beautiful scenery, beaches, and ocean. The sea food doesn't get any fresher than here. And yes....I am a capable person and can learn to adapt to country living!

I was gardening the other day and thought I heard someone hammering. John was busy cutting the grass, and we don't have any neighbours close by. This is what I heard:
A pileated woodpecker busy finding a meal. None of my photos did it justice. He was huge....and something we rarely saw in Ontario.We walk down our half mile driveway every morning with the dogs to pick up our paper. The walk takes us through forest and the woodland flowers are amazing at this time of year. John saw 4 deer one morning when he went alone. I haven't been as lucky.We have seen deer quite a few times wandering at the edge of our hayfields. I love watching them.
Today has been interesting so far. I've been up on the roof helping to fix some shingles, and I've painted the stairwell. The only painting I've done in the house so far is the upstairs hallway. I painted it before our furniture arrived, knowing that heavy furniture would be placed in the hallway and the walls would be much easier to paint without moving furniture around (our upper hall is about 9 feet wide and is now John's office, as well as my mini library).

And...John was into town today to buy "turkey starter". Any guesses what that is for? Stay tuned.

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TD wool design said...

you are in what looks like a gorgeous area! what a great place for photos.
best of luck with the keets. i have heard too, that they are great for tick problems.