Monday, June 23, 2008

Lunching on the deck

hester is one of my favourite places along the South Shore of Nova Scotia. A week or so ago, we headed over to Halifax to watch Miss M's music recital. Afterwards, we headed back home via the scenic route and stopped in Chester for lunch.The Rope Loft Restaurant is right on the shore. It was a very windy day, but absolutely lovely...bright and sunny. A perfect day for lunching on the deck overlooking the bay.Lunch was delicious. We both had the day's special...crab cakes with salad. John chose the caesar salad and I had the greek. Yum.This view shows the pier with more tables and chairs for the restaurant. The pier looks out towards the ocean. The hill on the other side of the bay has some spectacular homes. I wouldn't want to think about the price of them...out of our reach for sure!In the distance, you can see a yacht. The yacht is about 5 times larger than the ferry that goes from Chester over to Tancook Island. According to the people working at the restaurant, the yacht's name is The Intuition. Lunching at a table next to us were 3 couples...eavesdropping a bit on their conversation one man was a producer, and another an actor. When they left on their boat, they headed out to the yacht which led us to lots of speculation...but they were just sightseeing on their way to somewhere else. The restaurant has 2 decks. We were on the lower deck. The upper was closed off for the day. I'm sure it gets packed during tourist season (July & August). The windows along the building on the lower level were all topped with tole painted buildings and lighthouses. Very quaint.

Just a lovely afternoon. Can't wait to go back.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! Hmm..wonder who the people were? G got annoyed wiht me the last time I evesdropped on a celebrity conversation.
While I was out at a work function last week there was extra security..surely not for US I thought. I found out that Richard Gere and Hilary Swank are in town shooting a movie. Jason Priestly and Terry David Mulligan were in town shooting a film on vineyards or local wine.
Get used to it...LOTS of celebrities around. Even been known to dock downtown in their yatch. Another story for another time. DIL

TD wool design said...

looks wonderful! i love days like that and the exploring is nice too!
the cork idea in front of the window sounds good! love those little coincidences :)