Sunday, June 29, 2008

An evening at the cottage

On Tuesday evening we visited a cottage...wish I could say it was our cottage, but sadly no. The story actually started last Saturday when John & I went to see the Horse & Oxen Pull at Conquerall Mills (photos of that event coming soon). While we were there, we met a man vacationing from the Boston area of the U.S. We got to talking and he told us he owns a cottage on the ocean and vacations there 5 weeks every year. He then invited us over to visit. (need I say...folks are friendly around here).

So, Tuesday afternoon we headed off to the Lahave Islands. On the way there, we stopped to watch a bald eagle. He was magnificent. Here he is, after being chased by several seagulls....brave souls.He decided to take another chance, and flew off with some seagulls in pursuit. Wonder what he did to get them riled up?After one wrong turn, we arrived at the cottage safe and sound. After some chatting on the deck, we took a lovely boat ride. Do you think we made it through this narrow passage? Well, we did! The sun came out and we toured a couple of bays. Here is our host with his cottage in the background.The photo below was taken after we toured our host's new neighbour's cottage...a 2.2 million dollar cottage. Gulp. After touring the neighbour's cottage, we headed back to the boat where I managed to fall down some seaweed covered rocks and land on my backside. Mostly I landed on my elbow and my camera (and ego) took a beating. I then bled all over the boat (a wooden boat, thank goodness...blood washes off). The starfish in the photo fared better than I did...back into the ocean he went after his photo op.And, a photo of my favourite man.

Back to our host's cottage for a tour there before heading home. A beautiful cottage, and a beautiful evening.

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