Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Our moving adventure

I'm back on line (although struggling with dial up access and not very happy about it!)

The past few weeks have been full of ups and downs. Moving 1600 kilometers is a much bigger change than we were expecting.

Thursday April 24th we had 2 women arrive to pack up all our belongings. They were packing for 11 hours, and didn't finish. They told us one of them would be back on Friday to finish the job while the truck was being loaded.

Friday April 25th, a cube van arrived at 8:00 am and John said "the moving truck is here". I looked out the window and thought "wow, I can't believe they're going to fit all our stuff in that little truck!". Ha. The joke was on me. The cub van brought 2 moving guys. Another van brought back both packers from the day before. And then the moving truck arrived. It took a good 10 minutes to get the truck backed up the driveway. I started to wonder how the truck would ever manage our driveway in Nova Scotia.

We got everything organized with the movers, and then we headed down the road in our little convoy. John had the 3 dogs in his car, and I followed in my little red bug with our cat Phantom.Our first stop was just 5 minutes down the road where John filled his car with gas. Then Cassie (our adopted wild and crazy dog) jumped out the car window and started running around the gas station parking lot. Hmmm. Not a good sign. After an anxious few minutes we rounded her up and got her back in John's car, and from then on the windows were only lowered half way!

We drove for 8 hours, stopping every few hours to let the dogs out and give ourselves a break. We stopped in Edmunston, New Brunswick for the night...half way to our new home.

Bright and early the next morning (well, okay it was actually about 9:45 am) we headed out for the last stretch of the trip. We did try to stop for lunch, but there was a half hour wait at the Irving Big Stop and we were anxious to get on our way. We settled for potato chips and drinks...a nich healthy lunch!

Finally...we arrive in Nova Scotia!We left 20C weather in Ontario to arrive to windy and a cold 8C in Nova Scotia!
Another hour of driving, and we arrived at our temporary home with John's son and DIL.

Next...our first outing to our new home while waiting for our furniture to arrive.


TD wool design said...

glad you made it! Hope the furniture and all arrives and you get settled quickly! best of luck.

Anonymous said...

We sure are glad you are here!!!
Love, DIL xo

Christine said...

I am happy to see that you are back online and that you all arrived safely. Leave it to Cassie to pull that off! :)
I am looking forward to hearing more and seeing more pictures

Angelique said...

glad to see you're back online. Your move reminds me of our big move here to Colorado from Los Angeles. Although, hiring packers and movers is a much smarter move.

Sybil said...

I thought, since we too are hoping to move to the country, that I'd venture back to the beginning of your blog to learn from your experiences. Quite the adventure you had selling your home in Ontario. What a difference a good realtor can make !