Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lynne Hanson at Mersey House

Friday night we toodled on down to Liverpool, Nova Scotia in the little red bug to see Lynne Hanson perform at Mersey House.

We originally saw Lynne perform at the branch in Kemptville, Ontario. She has an awesome voice. When we heard she was going back to perform at the branch, we went to see her a second time (the definite side benefit of watching a performer at the branch restaurant is the totally awesome food and atmosphere...one of the things we will definitely miss about our former home). She was recording live there for her second cd, and filming some segments as well. You can now find some of her songs on You Tube. When we spoke to her that night, we asked her whether she ever toured on the east coast. To make a long story short, the answer was yes...she planned to be there in May.

Which is why we ended up in Liverpool on Friday night.
The Mersey House is a wonderful venue, and I'm sure we'll be there a few times each year. (if not for the performances, we'll definitely have to go back for the awesome fish and chips!)
Heather, one of the hosts, gave me a tour of the building. Not only do they have a restaurant and bar, but they have a 100 seat theater and recording studio as well. And...rooms upstairs for tourists and performers to stay. It's a lovely building with very high tin ceilings, and alcoves down one side of the room with tables for people who want a more private setting.

It was a small audience, and we got to talk to Lynne for a while between sets. She had just picked up her second cd and had them with her. John bought the first one, and Lynne signed it especially for us.
"To John and Sara, My first CD sale! Enjoy the Maritimes"

Thanks for a great show Lynne. We hope to see you back here next year!

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