Monday, May 19, 2008

Challenge Answers

Congratulations to Candice, the winner of my little challenge. Candice only missed the grain of rice (no one found that! probably a result of the low resolution of the photo) 1. butterfly
2. E
3. teddy bear
4. foot
5. turtle
6. A
7. heart
8. sea shell
9. smiling star
10. fish
11. rose
12. moon
13. feather/leaf
14. grain of rice

A reminder to all photographers, illustrators, artists & designers! In addition to my "I spy" pouches, I plan to produce a series of Search Me cards designed by artists all over the world . The goal of each card design is to find certain items in a "busy" picture....something along the lines of the sample above. I am searching for lots of different formats...photographs, collages, illustrations..from a wide variety of illustrators and artists. Each card will be produced in a post card format. When I have a collection of cards, I plan to produce a book! (everyone has dreams!) Each design published will include a page about the contributor. Details will be firmed up before publishing, but will include the contributor's photo, a brief bio, and contact information for their business or design studio. All of you artists, photographers, illustrators and designers can check out the details here .


CanCan said...

Woohoo! I'm honored to be the winner!

Angelique said...

I'm on board for the fun project. I think I'll attempt this when I go back home the beginning of June. I get to visit one of my favorite places to take photos!