Monday, April 21, 2008

Treasures and Trades

Phew!! It's been a busy few days. I'm so lucky...I don't have to pack for our big move so I have time to visit with lots of people. We had dinner out with three different groups of friends over the past 3 nights. It has been wonderful to spend time with everyone, but I have to admit that I enjoyed a nice dinner at home tonight with John just as much. He is a wonderful cook, and spoils me by cooking me dinner almost every night!

The next 2 days will be spent doing all kinds of last minute things. My car decided to act up, and I spent 2 hours in the shop with it today while they tried to figure out what is wrong. Better to find out now, then when we're in the middle of moving 1000 miles! So, back to the shop I go again on Wednesday to see if they can fix up my little red bug.

I have had some fun shipping my collection of vintage brooches from my etsy shop out to various parts of the world.

This one was sent out to Maine.
This one went to California.
And this one went all the way to New Zealand!

But I'm most excited about sending these two brooches out to Melissa at Wild Thyme Boutique. We are doing a trade, so I am receiving a lovely bracelet she created in return! (I'll show you a photo when I receive it) I'm so thrilled I'm going to send her an extra little something. I hope she likes it.

Next: an update on my new venture...Search Me Toys.

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Christine said...

Wow, the big day is coming along quickly! So are you all going in one vehicle for the move?