Saturday, April 12, 2008

Miata Memories

One of the tough decisions we made about our upcoming move is that we are going to sell our 1992 Yellow Sunburst Miata. We've had our little convertible for 7 years and have done a lot of touring in the good weather months. Here are some of our memories.

The first long distance trip we took was in August 2001. We drove down to New Hampshire and met John's son and DIL. This photo was taken on the trip down at Ausable Chasm, New York.
We stayed at the Eastman Inn in North Conway, NH. The inn was absolutely beautiful, the weather was fantastic, and the company (our son & DIL) were fabulous. A very long (13 hours!) drive but well worth it.

This photo was taken with a timer during a trip the two of us took down to Prince Edward County. PEC is one of Ontario's wine regions and has lovely scenery. We took a picnic lunch with us and ate it at a table with this view.
When we're in PEC, we always like to stop by the Waupoos Winery. They have the most beautiful setting overlooking the lake. And of course we have to buy some of their wines while we're there!

Here we are in the fall in upstate New York. My scanned photo doesn't show it well, but the fall colours were just beautiful. It's just a 20 minute drive for us to reach the US border, so we sometimes just go for a drive there. (and if I'm a very good girl we get to stop at the Racetrack Restaurant for peanut butter pie)
We joined the Underground Miata Network and this photo was taken on our first Miata tour. There were over 20 Miatas touring that day.
Here's a very special memory...Miss M taking her first Miata ride in 2002 with her Baba. Not only was she introduced to sports cars, but she was introduced to some of Baba's favourite music too (Waylon Jennings was rocking some tunes that day)John and I took a special trip in 2002...we followed the St Lawrence River and drove around the coast of Quebec and New Brunswick on our way to visit John's son and DIL in Nova Scotia. This is a view of Perce Rock in Gaspe.Here we are with Perce Rock in the background. I have many photos of Perce Rock!

Another photo from this the Irving Eco Centre in New Brunswick. They have miles and miles of boardwalks over the sand dunes.
Another tour with the Underground Miata Network took us to Wilno, Ontario.
Wilno is the oldest Polish settlement in Canada and has the most beautiful church high on a hill. (St. Mary's) We ate some wonderful polish food at a local pub.

Lots of great memories!

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