Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A lucky day

This is our 5th anniversary. We celebrated our wedding anniversary in March. Today is a different kind of anniversary. Five years ago today was one of our luckiest days. We were driving in our van on a 2 lane county road and a transport truck in the oncoming lane jackknifed and the trailer came down on top of us. This is the result. Doesn't sound like a good day, does it? In fact, it was a bad day...and a bad week...and some bad months.

John was rushed to the local hospital, and then transferred by ambulance to the trauma unit of one of the Ottawa hospitals. It was during the SARS epidemic, so I wasn't allowed into the trauma unit to see him for the first 24 hours. He spent 3 days in the hospital, and the following months recuperating at home. The only way he could sleep was in a recliner chair in our living room.
So, why was it one of our luckiest days? We survived, and I still have my best friend, my partner, and the love of my life. Each day is a gift now, and we try our best to focus on the good things in life.
We are going to visit Cody in Toronto today....our last visit with him before we leave for Nova Scotia. It's glorious and sunny. A perfect day for a drive.


Christine said...

Doesn't that make you wonder "why"? Why you? Why did you survive? Why? I'm very glad I had the opportunity to meet you and John. You truly are remarkable, positive people. We should all learn a little from you!

I guess we shouldn't wait for something like this to happen to remind us that this is it!

Anonymous said...

....and a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to us! We are so very lucky to still have you here and that Miss M. gets the chance to know her Bama and Baba.

They say you can pick your friends but not your relatives....I happen to be one of the most fortunate people in the world...because my relatives (YOU) are my/our friends!!
Love you! DIL xo