Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A little challenge for you while I'm away

The time has just flown by this week. Today was not a fun day. Almost six long hours spent at the VW service centre while they tried to track down some problems with my little bug. Five hundred dollars later, it is running smoothly and ready for our 1600 kilometre drive on Friday.

Tomorrow the movers come to pack our whole house up. Friday the transport truck comes to be loaded. And Friday we'll be heading out in a convoy moving east towards Nova Scotia. We have 2 cars, so John will be driving the 3 dogs in his CRV and I'll be driving the cat and various things that the movers won't take. We're not sure what time we'll be able to get away on Friday, so we're not sure how far we'll get on our trek. We're hoping for half way, which would put us in Edmunston, New Brunswick. I'll be off line for about two weeks until we receive our furniture and get our high speed internet access set up.

Here's a little challenge for you while we're away:You see a lot of flowers in the photo....there are also 14 other items. Send me an email and let me know what the 14 items are. (please don't leave a comment with your answer because then everyone else will have the answer too!) Once we get settled in our new home, I'll send a little something out to the person who has the most correct items. (if there is more than one correct answer, I'll draw for the winner)

I have set up a website for Search Me Toys! It's not quite finished, but almost.

Attention all photographers, illustrators, artists & designers! In addition to my "I spy" pouches, I plan to produce a series of Search Me cards designed by artists all over the world . The goal of each card design is to find certain items in a "busy" picture....something along the lines of the sample above. I am searching for lots of different formats...photographs, collages, illustrations..from a wide variety of illustrators and artists. Each card will be produced in a post card format. When I have a collection of cards, I plan to produce a book! (everyone has dreams!) Each design published will include a page about the contributor. Details will be firmed up before publishing, but will include the contributor's photo, a brief bio, and contact information for their business or design studio. All of you artists, photographers, illustrators and designers can check out the details here.

As for the "I Spy" pouches, it's been a busy few weeks. I have been tracking down lots of fun miniature items. My original idea was to have basically the same items in each different pouch and use a variety of fabrics. This idea has progressed to making different themed pouches instead...seashore, food, alphabet, animals, Christmas, etc. There will be some "general" pouches too. It's been a lot of fun. I also ordered some fabric patches with the Search Me logo (designed by Angelique of Peach Tree Bliss) and website. These little patches will be sewn onto the pouches. And...I've ordered some tags for the packaging. It's all coming together nicely.

So...we're off! I'll be back in a couple of weeks. Enjoy!


carrie said...

I haven't read all of the posts yet b/c I've been too busy looking for the items that don't belong in the flower picture. So far I have 12:)
I love the card idea. I think it'd be cute and handy to sell the cards as cards like on a ring or something. I think it'd be fun to flip through them with kids and look for things together.

td wool design said...

best of luck and hope by the time you read this, you've had a safe and happy journey!

Christine said...

I'm looking forward to hearing about your adventure. Remember, we need to see pictures!!