Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Inspection Day - Part 2

Yesterday was our home inspection. Since the buyers were doing the inspection themselves, we prepared the house for a "showing". We wanted it to look it's best. Most showings were only 1 hour, but we had to be away for 3 1/2 hours yesterday. So this time we had to load the 3 dogs and cat into the car for a much longer trip.
Our cat Phantom rides in the passenger seat with me. He starts out by watching where we're headed, but then he settles down and sleeps on my lap. He's very good in the car, which will be great for our 16 hour journey when we move to Nova Scotia.

We took a drive down to Prescott, a town on the St.Lawrence River (just across from Ogdensburg, New York). Prescott has a lovely riverside park there with walking paths. They just created the park in 2003, so the trees they planted are not mature yet. Another 10 years and the park will be quite beautiful.

We left Phantom in the car and took the dogs for a leisurely walk along the river. It had to be leisurely because Cinder was with us. She is a 12 year old Giant Schnauzer that has difficulty getting around. She has always had bad legs, but now she is pretty shaky. Usually we leave her at home and take the other 2 girls for a walk. Anway, Cinder was quite happy to be with us.Here is the description from a sign mounted along the path:
Railways once dominated Prescott's waterfront. A rail link to Ottawa opened for traffic in 1854. Later a ferry terminal, station, round house and sheds were added to the yard. The CPR assumed control in 1884 and maintained operatons at Prescott until the 1970s when the yard closed. Today, only a few remnants of the ferry dock and rail yard remain.

The photo above shows some of the remains from the old ferry dock.

And this photo is how the area used to look:

After our walk, we headed west along the St. Lawrence River to Brockville. We stopped at a little place called Don's Fish and Chips guessed & chips! They serve it the authentic British way, wrapped in newspaper. They just plop the fish and chips all together in a brown paper bag and wrap it in newsprint. They don't have anyplace to eat, and they don't supply utensils. We wondered if eating fish without a fork is the authentic way the British people eat it from their chippy stands? Does anyone know?

We took our packages down to the river and ate on a bench. It was lovely, and a great way to while away the time!

We returned home wondering how long we'd have to wait to find out how the inspection went.
We found a note on the dining room table:
Dear Homeowners:
Thank-you for allowing us the time to complete all the inspections.
We have just a few requests. Could you please leave the information binder. It is very thorough and helpful. Also, any spare opened paint cans left over will be helpful for touch ups and if they can be left behind that will be much appreciated.
Best Regards,

Well, we figured if they were asking for paint cans, they were going ahead with buying our house! We heard from our agent a while later and have received verbal confirmation. We'll get the written contract by Friday.

It's a go! Nova Scotia, here we come!


leslie said...

whoohooooo! so exciting! now the packing can begin!

TD wool design said...

Haven't been online in a bit, so just read your news! congratulations! very exciting. a light at the end of the tunnel :)

Simply Me Art said...

Big Ol Congratulations! Yippeee for you two. A New chapter, how Exciting!!! I think you are right by the Way on the flower, I said white too, hubby said purple. Now the fun begins with packing and house buying...

julia said...

Well congratulations ! Asking for paint cans that might be leftover is a very sweet way to tell you they were going to buy the house.
It still looks so chilly in your part of the world and reminds me a lot of my Michigan year.

Christine said...

More great news! It looks like the inspection time gave you a chance to do something you probably wouldn't have done otherwise. Another part of the adventure.
P.S. Love the picture of the navigating cat!!! :)

Anonymous said...

YIPEEE...YAHOOO...your bed awaits...while you wait for your funiture to arrive. CANNOT WAIT to see you that's alot of "waits". Can you tell we're excited??!! : )
We'll call Friday to get the "official" word and to find out when to expect the whole crew to arrive!! Love you guys! DIL

carrie kim said...

Congratulations! That's great news:) I loved reading about your day out. It looked lovely! and the fish and chips sounded delicious:)
Have a great weekend!

Julie said...

Wishing you the very best in your new adventure. I love the picture of the cat and glad to hear that Cinder enjoyed her trip out with you also.

Angelique said...

how cute is Phantom riding in the car!