Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fun With Photos

Cody with Husky Bailey, Giant Schnauzer Cinder and cat Phantom at Christmas, Cody with Phantom, Cody at the beach in Cape Breton with Bailey, our family at Christmas, Cody learning to walk, Cody as the headless man for Hallowe'en

One of the things a professional stager will recommend to you is to remove most or all of your personal family photos from your home when you're preparing it for sale. I did this before we had a professional stager come in, but I found it hard. Family and friends are what makes a home, and when you remove their photos from your life it feels like you're living in a hotel.

Cody at the Sandbanks Beach, balancing on a rock in Cape Breton, in front of the fire at our condo with new kitten Phantom, his bedroom at our condo with dinosaurs on the wall painted by me, on a canon at the Fort in Kingston

In Cody's room we had made a border of different photos of him around the room. We did this 9 years ago when we moved into this home....before we had a digital camera and scanner and laminating machine.
Phantom in the sink at a rented cottage on Golden Lake, Cody with Bailey, John with Cody and Bailey on an air mattress on Golden Lake, dinosaur costume for Hallowe'en made by me, with his uncle Scott, vampire costume for Hallowe'en
We took photos and made collages on regular 8 x 10 paper, then we had them laminated at a local office supply store. Cody picked his favourite photos and we made them together (he was 11 years old at the time).
Cody with his grandpa and aunt Do (both now deceased), on the boardwalk during a walk with friends, Phantom in Cody's hockey pants, at home in Aylmer Quebec, touring in Kingston, celebrating a birthday

After he left home to go to college, and then to live on his own in Toronto, I would go into his room and look at all the photos in his border. Where does all the time go? How did he get to be an adult?

With John and dogs in Cape Breton, age 2...he loved Batman!, a sleeping bag for Christmas from Aunt Do, at Disney World, a ninja turtle birthday party with his dad, Cody and grandpa

These are just a few of the 8 x 10s we made. Lots of good memories.

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Angelique said...

I love what you did with the photos. What great memories.
I slightly disagree with the whole removing of pictures for staging your house to sell. I understand why, but I agree with you, it brings warmth to a home. I actually liked seeing pictures when we were looking at houses. The few houses that had pictures, I found myself always taken a moment to look at them to see who lived there.