Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A day in the life

Who says our lives aren't exciting? Never a dull moment around here. My day started off well, with prospects of coffee in bed. However that was short lived as John came back inside from getting the newspaper and shouted "Sara, I need your help!" Somehow a deer ended up in our fenced yard and died. And the dogs were quite interested to say the least. John got the dogs in and we put them in the garage.

Then John started making calls. It turns out that the municipality will only remove dead animals from the side of the road. If the animals are in your yard, you're out of luck. Someone told him that our best bet would be to leave the deer where it was and "let nature take it's course". Somehow I don't think a dead deer in the yard would appeal to prospective house buyers. Not to mention that our dogs are used to a natural diet (which includes raw meat) and they would be helping themselves to their own food supply. Yuck! So after a few more calls, John found someone to remove the deer for $52.50. Worth every penny if you ask me.

But, we had 2 of our dogs booked for badly needed hair cuts so we had to take them to their appointments. Here's what they looked like before we headed out:

Cassie in the first photo, Cinder in the second.

We dropped the dogs off and headed back home. Shortly after we got there, the man arrived to remove the deer.
It turns out that the deer had been shot! Someone shot her in the shoulder and it didn't kill her. It's not hunting season either. She must have ran, jumped our fence and died sometime during the night. She had to be dragged across our yard, lifted over the fence (you can see the blood at the left of the photo) and hoisted into the truck. I'm glad I don't have his job, but I'm glad that he's willing to do it.

One deer removed, and we had to grab a quick lunch before heading out to pick up the dogs. Here are the "after" photos:

All in all, I wasn't too pleased with the results. I'll have to do a little work on Cinder's head myself. This is the first time in 11 years that I had someone else clip Cinder. I usually do it myself. Her legs are so infirm that she can't stand up for more than a couple of minutes, and I clip her while she's laying down. The groomer assured me she would do the same, and I believe she did. But, I think I could have done as good a job (and certainly better on her face). What I really wanted was for them to be bathed. It's been a long winter (we usually wash them outside on the deck but it's been too cold) And they were only clipped. Argh!

And, not to be outdone...our cat Phantom decided to jump up on the bathroom counter to have a drink while I was brushing my teeth.

No, no, no. It's not a zoo around here at all.


TD wool design said...

sorry about the deer. can't believe people don't obey the law. your dogs look fancy after their hair-dos.

Christine said...

Did you bring them to a professional shop to have them groomed? It looks like they barely did anything to Cinder. Every groomer would know that you don't clipper a dog until they are bathed and clean, otherwise it could ruin their blades.
I would have been upset!

And about the deer, it really doesn't surprise me. I just wish they could find out who did it before they do it again.

Simply Me Art said...

Ughh, Being a Souther California Girl to see the deer dead in my yard would kill me. We have them on the hill behind my house and I know my dogs would go nuts if their was a body laying there. I agree worth the 52.50 to take it away. I think the haircuts look Adorable too.. Have a great weekend. Jamie